Thursday, November 09, 2006

Tool concert in my backyard

Last night I enjoyed an unexpected concert by the innovative American band TOOL -- arguably one of the only widely successful rock bands emerging for my generational cohort to exhibit true musicianship (with their polyharmonies, complex rhythm layering and abrupt, yet interwoven, changes).

Evidently, after selling out their show in Brussels (7,000 seats in 10 minutes) they decided to add a relatively unpublicized show at a convention center in Leuven (a small college-town venue in comparison with the big city stadiums they usually play on tour throughout Europe and the States). It was definitely one of the very best shows I have ever seen (a true audio-visual spectacle) and am very glad that I finally got to see one of the bands that helped guide me through some of my adolescent angst. It was also very interesting seeing them with Polish, Greek and Spanish friends ... many of whom had very different identifications with the music, but a very similar appreciation ... it made it seem less like a concert and more like a true musical event.

Belgium is evidently still full of surprises ...

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Anonymous said...

Whoah. That's pretty cool-- I can't say I listen much to tool but I remember when they first came out and their drummer was pounding out rythms that no other drummer in mainstream music was doing. I'd definitely go see Tool if it was in my backyard.

Now if I could only get radio into my backyard...


P.S. I'm engaged! (didn't know if you've heard yet)