Sunday, October 15, 2006

Weekday Warrior ...

There is quite an interesting phenomenon in Leuven: every Friday, almost all of the Belgian students (more than 20,000 in aggregate) take trains home for the weekend ... leaving the college town virtually deserted but for the international students. This is quite a reversal from the States as the social life of this town is strictly (and strongly) a Monday - Thursday affair.

I spent yesterday wandering around town (and the internet) looking for a thesis topic and ended up at a Polish house dinner - not really sure how successful I was, but at least there was good vodka involved. Today, randomly, I took the first train that came into the station and almost two hours later ended up in the coastal town of Blankenberge (or as I call it, the "Atlantic City" of the North Sea ... but with only one casino) ... I spent the day walking up and down the beach, enjoying the unseasonable sunshine and exploring the lichen-covered jettys

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